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Our Partners

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is our custodian and is the platform through which we execute transactions on your behalf as your fiduciary. TD Ameritrade is an independent and SEC-registered broker-dealer and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which provides custody of client accounts, securities, trade execution, clearing, and settlement of transactions. This partnership ensures that no changes will be made to your accounts, and your investments will move over in kind, and there will be no cost to transfer your funds over.

Belpointe Asset Management, LLC

Belpointe Asset Management, LLC is recognized as one of the top 300 Registered Investment Advisers in the United States by the Financial Times. Founded in 2007, Belpointe has advisory offices with wealth managers throughout the country acting as fiduciaries, allowing its advisors the autonomy and independence required for truly placing clients’ interests first. Belpointe offers compliance, back office, and custodial support services.