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Next Level Wealth Management

June 07, 2021

We go above and beyond the standard of care in the financial services industry, not only in our culture but in our approach. We don’t just do the “usual”. Instead, we start outside the box and we stay out.

We know that our clients’ expectations are the key to the most successful relationship we can have with them. This includes not only what you expect from us, but your life, your future, and how you want to live along the way. Whether you need us to perform investment advisory, financial planning, risk management services, or top-to-bottom wealth management, we take you to the next level through our proprietary portfolios. Not only that, but we provide you with access to investment opportunities you cannot get from most other financial advisors.

We do this by acting with informed agility.

Informed Agility

in·formed | \ in-ˈfȯrmd (adj.): educated, knowledgeable, based on possession of information

agil·i·ty | \ ə-ˈji-lə-tēAgility (noun): the quality or state of being agile, nimbleness, dexterity

What does informed agility mean to us?

This is our approach to managing money from the most intellectual standpoint possible. It not only includes our education and continued dedication to learning, but it also means we optimize elements across investment styles to get the most advantageous outcome.

So, where does agility come in?
Unlike many financial advisors, we don’t just invest in growth or value styles; we don’t just buy bonds for income. We create an agile portfolio, proprietary to Three Pillars and our clients, that seeks to stay in harmony with market trends without becoming too rigid or too nimble. With rigidity comes missed opportunities. With excessive nimbleness comes portfolio whiplash.

Informed Agility is making highly informed decisions in opportunities that are not available or widely known about while being responsibly nimble.

What’s in it for you?

On a personal level, informed agility means we stay informed by knowing everything about your portfolios because we create and manage them. We don’t use outside investment managers. It also means that we know everything about you so that we can make the best and most informed decisions possible for you. This helps us reduce fees and stay agile. We define this as getting the best out of the market and knowing when and how to do that.